Why You Should Use Python for Front-End Web Development

Python has become one of the most popular languages in recent years, mainly because it is so versatile. Python can be used to write desktop applications, web applications, and even websites with dynamic features. Python isn’t limited to just being an easy language to code in, either; it’s also very easy to read, making it accessible to everyone! Check out these 12 reasons why you should use Python web development today!

1) Versatility
The idea that you can achieve your goal in more than one way can be very appealing, especially when you’re working to complete a project quickly. Since Python is an object-oriented programming language, there are multiple ways to carry out certain tasks — in fact, if you don’t know how to complete a task via one method or function, it may be quicker and easier to figure out another way of doing so.

2) Popularity
One of our main reasons to recommend using Python as a front-end web development language is its popularity and use cases. Python has been ranked as one of the world’s most popular programming languages by IEEE Spectrum and is widely used in academia as well as industry. This means that there are lots of other people around who can help you out, such as those offering consulting services (e.g., Toptal) or simply responding on sites like Stack Overflow.

3) Easier to Work With
One of Python’s greatest strengths is that it makes front-end web development easier. Rather than wading through a maze of cryptic template files and cascading style sheets, Python cuts out a lot of work by allowing you to write simple, clear code that lets you focus on what’s really important — the content and presentation of your site.

4) Faster Time-to-Market
Startup time isn’t just about how long it takes you to build something; it’s also about how long it takes to get an MVP in front of customers. The more quickly you can test your hypotheses, the better. Luckily, with Python’s high level of code readability and transparent syntax, you can create functioning products much faster than other languages. Check out our infographic below for some more insight into why using Python is a great choice when starting a new business.

5) Compatible Language
Another advantage to using Python is that it works seamlessly with most other languages. It can also interact directly with several third-party frameworks like Django, Flask, and Pyramid. Learning multiple languages takes time; by choosing one programming language to master, you can streamline your learning process considerably. (Source: Python vs Ruby: A Head to Head Comparison of Two Programming Languages)

6) Accessible Libraries
To get you up and running with a front-end framework, we’ll install an open source JavaScript library that will speed up development time while giving us access to all sorts of helpful tools. With open source libraries like JQuery and Backbone.js, you can create complex functionality quickly while remaining flexible enough to change things later if needed. What’s more, these libraries are constantly updated by thousands of users to ensure they stay reliable and secure.

7) Free Learning Resources
The beauty of Python is that there are tons of free online learning resources available. The following resources will help you quickly and efficiently learn how to use it: Codecademy: Codecademy is an excellent resource for those who don’t have a programming background and/or want to learn how to code from scratch. To get started, simply follow their step-by-step guide as you build your first program with Python.

8) Widely Used Industry Standard Tool
To get a good idea of which programming languages are in high demand, check out job boards. Look for job listings asking for specific programming languages and notice how many employers are looking to hire someone who knows that language. In other words, pay attention to supply and demand. If a lot of employers need someone who can work with a particular language or framework, that’s a good indicator it’s worth learning.




We campaign a team of Developers from individuals and set up the business with a Change + Positive Progressive frame of mind in every aspect of the work line.

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Tagline Infotech LLP

We campaign a team of Developers from individuals and set up the business with a Change + Positive Progressive frame of mind in every aspect of the work line.

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